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Anglia Composites have been sponsoring Team Strike Racing since their concept. Supplying many parts for the race car.


This has produced so much interest that we now offer parts for sale


We offer two different styles one suitable for Road use and a lighter weight version for those of you who want to go racing!


Below are listed some of the parts we offer, they are finished in sandable gel coat,

ready to be prepared for painting.


As each part is made to order there is usually a 2 week lead time

Post and packing will be extra, we try to keep it as low as possible.


You are welcome to come and pick up your parts from us


We are constantly adding to our range, so if you don’t see what you require please get in touch,

we just might be making it!


David Strike races his 1974 MGB GT

In the BCV8 Championship

Part of the MG Car Club


   MGB GT Front Wing – Chrome Bumper  N/S                

   MGB GT Front Wing – Chrome Bumper O/S                

   MGB Bonnet – Road Use                                                  

   MGB Bonnet – Race - Outer Skin Only                            

   MGC Bonnet – Road Use                                                  

   MGC Bonnet – Race – Outer Skin Only                          

   MGB GT Tailgate – Race, With Spoiler                            

   MGB GT Tailate – Race, Without Spoiler                        

   MGB Roadster Boot  Skin                                                  

   MGB Roadster Boot With Spoiler                                        

   MGB Front Valance Sebring Style                                    

   MGB Front Valance Sebring Style with Brake Ducts    

   MGB Front Valance L.E. Style                                          

   MGB Front Valance L.E.Style with Brake Ducts            

   Brake Ducts Only X2                                                          

   MGB Rear Valance      


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