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With over 25 years' experience under our belt, Anglia Composites is the name you can trust for GRP products. Our expert team create all types of patterns, moulds and components, along with sourcing any fittings you may like to incorporate into your design. We specialise in the production of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) products and can also provide you with the raw materials you require for self service. View our gallery to browse examples of our products, or see what's new in.

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Our services have been enlisted by a wide range of areas, from the automotive industry to agricultural. If you would like a free initial consultation, have any queries or would like to get started on your product, get in touch with our team today on 01728 664 194, or visit our contact page.

We Offer a Manufacturing Facility – You have an idea? We can help you make it!

Traditionally fibreglass was just a bucket of resin with chopped strands mat, wetted out in an open mould.

This is still the most cost effective method of production for low to medium volume parts, also where more complex shapes, with undercuts etc. are required to be moulded as one part.


Closed mould or Resin Transfer Moulding.


This process still uses resin and fibreglass, but the part is made in a closed mould under vacuum It will produce a more consistent part with a smooth finish on both sides, with the ability to incorporate fixings during the manufacture.

On the plus side, cycle times can be much faster than open moulding, but the tooling will be more expensive as two parts have to be made.

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